Sunday, June 29, 2008

When do you stop?

So here it is again. My tiny Virginia Woolf sketch. Of course there was football on tv, so I started drawing again. I felt there was something wrong in my previous sketch, so I did some measuring and noticed that I was way off in some point. So most of the bottom half of the page has been erased and redrawn. As well as the hair. So is it done now? I guess so. I won't work on it anymore anyway. The likeness is not great and I noticed that my sense of structure, angles and volumes is way off. So I need to practice. I mean, I can't deface our shared sketchbook with my amateur drawings when you have the beautiful paintings of Sil in there. She would kill me. ;)

1 comment:

r garriott said...

Time to stop! Lovely. You have achieved Virginia-ness.