Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm calling this one done. If I mess with it more I will ruin it. I like the overall feel, although there are tons of things that are incorrect, could be pushed more or could be worked out better. But if I compare it to the Virginia Woolf sketch, I do feel this is better.

On to the next one I guess. Let me know what you guys think.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A second pass

Football on TV tonight, so a great time to draw. Yes, I do realize that it's a strange connection to make, but I need some distraction when watching a match. Especially if the team I support at the night does not win. Ah well, at least I made some decent progress on my drawing.

A pretty decent update if I may say so myself. The balance is a bit better and the values are closer to the reference. I did just discover that something is off though. Either the nose is too short or the mouth is too small. Don't know what happened there. I might have to do a nose-ectomy with my trusty eraser. But I'll look at it another day. I did start blocking in the hair a bit as well, but it still scares me. After this I want to shift my focus a bit more. Try some full bodies and to draw more from shading and shapes than from line. Who knows, I might even try color. ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In progress on a day off...

It's great to have a day off. Finally a chance to get away from my computer and all the carefully placed bugs in my code, to sharpen my pencils and draw a bit. I actually started this one last weekend, but as so often on a day off my head thought, "why not give him a headache and make him stay in bed all day". Given that I had run out of my private stash of real Saridon I just got some measurements and planes in before I had to give up.
I continued today (surprisingly headache free :) ) and started to lay out the major shapes and shadows. There is still a load of work to do and some parts very important to this image (eye lashes for example) are still missing. But I'm pretty happy so far.

The likeness is not great yet, but that will come. (Sorry for the bad picture. It's taken with a camera since I have no scanner Edit: May 23rd. Updated the image with a better one.) Some relative values are wrong, but that's easy enough to correct. I have to use many more layers anyway. There's one part that I'm dreading though; the hair. There's a lot of it and I'm not yet sure how to tackle it. But let's see. Maybe I'll abstract away from it somehow.
To answer some questions I've received: I use one pencil. A black sanford col-erase. (note to self: buy some more!!) I don't exactly know what kind of paper I'm using. It's a simple A4-size Canson sketchbook. The paper is not super smooth, but not rough either.
I received a message from Sil saying that our Moleskine is on it's way to me. Yes, the one I blogged about in June of last year. (We're very fast :) ) Can't wait to receive it. I'm very curious to see what she has drawn and I'm trying to come up with something I can add. I have a couple of ideas, but I won't give it away yet.
Hmm, this turned out to be a pretty long post for a work in progress. I'll stop my rambling here and go sip some mate. A good day. :)