Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A second pass

Football on TV tonight, so a great time to draw. Yes, I do realize that it's a strange connection to make, but I need some distraction when watching a match. Especially if the team I support at the night does not win. Ah well, at least I made some decent progress on my drawing.

A pretty decent update if I may say so myself. The balance is a bit better and the values are closer to the reference. I did just discover that something is off though. Either the nose is too short or the mouth is too small. Don't know what happened there. I might have to do a nose-ectomy with my trusty eraser. But I'll look at it another day. I did start blocking in the hair a bit as well, but it still scares me. After this I want to shift my focus a bit more. Try some full bodies and to draw more from shading and shapes than from line. Who knows, I might even try color. ;)

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