Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new Moleskine Exchange

Okay, okay, I'm cheating a little bit. No new drawing from me. For some reason this thing called a PhD keeps getting in the way (even forgot about the last sketchcrawl...stupid). But I'm working on something. Don't worry. So what is this post about?

I think I blogged about this some centuries ago. :) Together with my dear friend Silvina we had the idea to share a Moleskine and send it back and forth to fill it together. Of course we considered the possibility of our divorce at some point, during which we would have to battle in court who gets to keep the Moleskine, but we decided to take the risk and go ahead.

Today I received a package in my mail with the Moleskine and Sil's first drawing. We set up a shared blog at Wireless Mate (bonus points for those of you who get the pun) so go and check out the first post. You can leave your comments after the beep...